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CaLP opened an office in Washington, DC, in October 2015 with funding from USAID's Office of Food for Peace. The Americas office is primarily focused on serving its members in the US and Canada, but also extends limited strategic and technical support to cash working groups in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The regional office is focused on building capacity through face-to-face trainings and training-of-trainers, strengthening the community of practice, and ensuring wide-ranging support for Cash and Voucher Assistance. 

The Americas office established and supports an inter-agency US Cash Working Group focused on:

1. Sharing information and learning among working group members and to external audiences 

2. Strengthening the capacity of individuals and institutions in Cash and Voucher Assistance

3. Ensuring US institutional policies and practice are informed by field experiences in Cash and Voucher Assistance

If you would like to join the US Cash Working Group or want to learn more about the regional office's stakeholders and activities, please contact Lynn Yoshikawa, CaLP Americas Regional Representative at lyoshikawa@cashlearning.org

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