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North America

In October 2015, CaLP opened an office serving North America and based in Washington, DC, with funding from USAID’s Office of Food for Peace. Informed by findings from a recent needs assessment of the community of practice, the North America regional office will provide CaLP trainings in the US and abroad; guidance and training regarding monitoring, evaluation, and accountability for cash-based interventions and support for institutionalizing cash preparedness.

In addition, the North America regional office has established a Cash Working Group starting in the US and expanding to Canada that will share learning and potentially contribute to advocacy goals for the region.

If you are based in North America and would like to join the Cash Working Group, to learn more about cash transfer programmes or about other stakeholders' ongoing activities or to share your experiences, please contact Blake Stabler, CaLP North America Capacity Building Officer at training.northamerica@cashlearning.org


In January 2016, CaLP North America conducted a baseline capacity/needs assessment of the international humanitarian cash community of practice (CoP) based in the US with an emphasis on identifying critical enablers and blockers to the implementation of cash-based programming with quality and at scale. The assessment also gathered information about needs with respect to capacity building, advocacy, research and coordination.

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