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What we do 

CaLP is the global partnership for Cash and Voucher Assistance in humanitarian assistance. We are a catalyst for accelerating change. We work with individual organisations to help them increase the scale and quality of Cash and Voucher Assistance. And we bring organisations together to address the most pressing collective issues for cash. Since our founding in 2005, CaLP has been at the forefront of promoting and improving Cash and Voucher Assistance across the humanitarian sector. 

How does CaLP work

CaLP enables collaboration between organizations, while also supporting them to make their own progress. We do this by bringing organisations together to strengthen capacity, knowledge and commitment for Cash and Voucher Assistance across the humanitarian sector. The potential of cash cannot be delivered by organisations working alone.

The wider community of practice is supported by a core team of CaLP staff, which is made up of technical expertise, capacity building, communications and management staff. CaLP has regional offices in East Africa, West Africa, and North America, and the Middle East, and a global secretariat in Europe, including a Geneva-based advocacy office.

These offices support and facilitate knowledge sharing, learning and training in multiple countries, and ensure that all voices are heard through representation in key global and regional fora.  

CaLP’s members are at the heart of what we do. They will deliver the increase in scale and quality of CVA in humanitarian response. They gain value from being part of our global partnership, both as individual organisations and collectively.

Our membership comprises  more than 70 organisations and individual experts, identified and welcomed as representative of humanitarian action. Members include NGOs, UN agencies, academia, the private sector and donors.

Within the membership all operational regions are represented as well as critical global hubs. New members will be considered on an ongoing basis. To read more about our members please click here.

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