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Knowledge and Research

Background and Rationale for CaLP's Work

As the use of Cash and Voucher Assistance has gained momentum, the humanitarian sector has moved beyond asking if CVA is an appropriate tool, to asking when CVA is the most appropriate way to meet the basic needs of crisis affected people and how to best achieve scale and quality of CVA. 

As the largest CVA network, with a growing membership, and a dedicated Technical Advisory Group, CaLP is in a privileged and unique position to build an organised and curated repository covering all aspects of CVA related knowledge as well as contribute to the growing evidence base on how best to achieve scale and quality of CVA within the humanitarian sector. CaLP is developing a knowledge hub that will make the best current knowledge simply and powerfully accessible for all CVA stakeholders. 

For more information on CaLP's current research priorities, see our thematic pages.

CaLP's Strategic Objective and Target to 2020

Our strategic objective for knowledge management and research is to improve the evidence base for Cash and Voucher Assistance, make it easily accessible and apply the learnings through standards and tools.    

Our targets are:

  1. Make the best knowledge on CVA easily accessible and useful to humanitarian actors through a Knowledge Hub that is well curated, promoted and used.
  2. Create common standards and tools, through collective processes, that humanitarian actors use to manage the quality of cash transfer programmes, building institutional capacity and share information about CVA.
  3. Significantly strengthen the evidence base for CVA in priority areas for policy and practice, through collective processes, including maintaining and overview of the current evidence base and gaps.