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Final Report for Assessment of the Impact of Cash For Work Beneficiaries training for Phases IIB and IV

Phases IIB and IV of the Cash For Work (CFW) project were implemented by FAO Somalia over the period 2013-2015 and aimed at enhancing access to food by the food insecure households in the short-term, while supporting restoration of food production through the rehabilitation/construction of productive assets and rural infrastructure (water catchments, roads, river embankments and secondary canals), as well as infrastructure for the mitigation of the impact of floods and droughts.

The project targeted the Agro-pastoral and farming communities in the South Central, Puntland and Somaliland zones, with limited livelihood base, relying mainly on agriculture and livestock, with little and inefficient use of the water resource for irrigated farming.

Date: July 30th 2015

Author: FAO-Somalia

Language: english