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Multi-sector Market Assessment: Companion Guide and Toolkit

The Multi-sector Market Assessment: Companion Guide and Toolkit provides step-by-step guidance and ready-to-use tools to enable non-specialist staff to conduct market assessments and undertake market monitoring. The purpose of this Companion Guide and Toolkit is to enable Multi-Functional Teams to include findings of market assessment analyses in their analysis and decision making related to CBIs.

The guidance and tools will determine whether markets could support cash-based interventions for the multiple sectors in which UNHCR responds and is in line with UNHCR’s basic needs approach.

The Companion Guide and Toolkit should be used in conjunction with UNHCR’s Operational Guidelines for Cash-Based-Interventions in Displacement Settings, which highlights the importance of undertaking market assessments as a vital precondition for implementing cash-based interventions. The Companion Guide and Toolkit provides more details on how to conduct these market assessments.

Below you can read the reports of the MsMA pilots in Nigeria and Ethiopia.

MsMA pilot Nigeria

MsMA pilot Ethiopia

Date: June 22nd 2017

Author: UNHCR

Language: english