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Monitoring for MPGs: Nigeria

DRC partnered with graduate students from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, to design three quantitative and qualitative monitoring tools to gauge the effect of MPGs at household and community levels (namely household survey, key informant interview and community group discussion templates). This was in line with this Consortium's Basic Needs Approach and CaLP's Monitoring4CTP guidance. The purpose of the data collection was to test the tools by monitoring existing MPGs implemented by other agencies (outside of the consortium). The pilot reports provide analysis and utilisation guidance specific to the pilot countries to support programme decision making, and the final report summarises and reflects on aggregated learning and recommended processes from a MEAL perspective.

The Monitoring for MPGs – Nigeria Toolkit contains:

Tool Utilization Guide

Annex 1: Kobo version of HH Survey

Annex 2: Household Survey

Annex 3: Community Group Discussion Template

Annex 4: Key Informant Interview Template

Annex 5_A_HH Survey Traning Outline

Annex 5_B_HH Survey Training Guided Notes

Annex 6_Enumerator Training_Community Group Discussion

Annex 7_Enumerator Feedback Surveys

Annex 8_Sharing Findings with Beneficiaries

Annex 9_Sample Data Breakdown from Pilot II

Annex 10_Pilot I Raw Data

Annex 11_Icon list

Date: April 25th 2018

Author: Danish Refugee Council, Tufts University Fletcher School

Language: english