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Minimum standard for market analysis (Misma)

The objective of the Minimum Standard for Market Analysis (MISMA) is to guide the work of humanitarian practitioners across sectors and to ensure that, irrespective of the tool used, the key standard of market analysis is being met. By supporting high-quality market analysis, the MISMA intends to contribute to improving response analysis and programme implementation. The MISMA covers five key actions to ensure the quality of market analysis.

The MISMA is a market-specific standard and does not comprehensively cover response analysis, design and implementation (for which users should refer to other humanitarian standards). While this document provides practical steps and guidance on what needs to be done, it is not a ‘how to’ tool and therefore does not provide users with a step-by-step process for conducting market assessment and analysis.

The document was written by Helene Juillard, for CaLP. The MISMA is based on The Minimum Requirements for Market Analysis in Emergencies, and builds on CaLP research in market analysis.

Annexes 1 can be found on page 29 of the full Misma, or can be downloaded separately here for an easier use.

Date: November 14th 2018

Author: Commissioned by CaLP, written by Helene Juillard

Language: english