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DG ECHO Preliminary market consultation for cash transfer products

DG ECHO commissioned a Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC) to gain a better understanding of how to operationalise Component B. The PMC assesses the feasibility of DG ECHO directly contracting payment services at a regional or global level through a tender, whereby the provider would be responsible for payments to beneficiaries in large-scale, DG ECHO-funded humanitarian cash transfer programmes (either globally or in specific regions). The PMC analyses the extent to which different types of service providers could deliver cash effectively and efficiently, including cost implications and the level of interest of providers in responding to a global or regional tender. While this PMC examined a wide variety of payment service providers, the primary focus was on products that could deliver payments into multiple markets through a single contractual relationship with DG ECHO.

Date: November 8th 2019

Author: Hamilton McNutt and Sarah Bailey

Language: english