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Piecing Together the Poverty Puzzle

Pieced together, the chapters of this report provide a more comprehensive picture of poverty that reinforces much of the positive story revealed by the tremendous progress in reducing extreme poverty over the last quarter century. But they also uncover some previously hidden details about the nature and extent of poverty throughout the world.
Monetary poverty with respect to the IPL will continue to be the focus of the World Bank’s work. Alarming findings from the forecasts reported in the first chapter are that extreme poverty appears to be entrenched in a handful of countries and that the pace of poverty reduction will soon decelerate significantly.
The goal of ending extreme poverty as measured by the IPL itself will require a redoubling of efforts and a greater focus on those countries where poverty is the worst. But, to truly bring an end to poverty, we now also need to think more broadly and recognize the greater complexity inherent in the concept of poverty around the world.

Date: December 11th 2019

Author: World Bank

Language: english