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Cash transfer programming in urban emergencies: a toolkit for practitioners

In recognition of the increasing urban populations around the world and their increasing vulnerability to disasters, the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) endeavored to investigate the current status and impact of urban emergency response programs that utilise cash transfer programming. This study aims to better understand the collective preparedness for future urban emergency responses and identify concrete best practices and tools to help organisations better implement cash and voucher programmes in challenging urban environments.

This toolkit brings together the collective knowledge of best practices, key issues in programming, and adaptations of cash transfer program methodologies for urban settings. The flow of the toolkit follows the logical order of a project cycle and contains both guidance and examples of tools. It is the aim of the authors to provide users of this toolkit with generic tools and guidance that can be quickly adapted for different urban settings. 

!! NB: The tools referenced in Annex 2 of the document are available for download here.

Date: January 20th 2012

Author: Tiare Cross and Andrew Johnston (CaLP)

Language: english