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Cash Transfer Programming in Urban Emergencies: Tools (Annex 2)

This file contains the following tools referenced as Annex 2 of the CaLP Urban Toolkit:

1. Sample Focus Group Discussion Questionnaire to Establish Urban-Specific Vulnerability Criteria
2. Sample Urban Household Survey
3. Template in PowerPoint of Commodity Market Map
4. Template in PowerPoint of Cash-for-Work Labour Market Map
5. Sample Urban Assessment Reporting Format
6. ICRC Cash and Voucher Response Analysis Flow Chart
7. Sample Vulnerability Criteria Prioritisation Flow Chart (Weighted)
8. Sample Household Applications with Beneficiary Selection Criteria
9. Sample Verification Spreadsheet
10. Sample SOP format and Operational Guidelines for Urban Cash Programmes
11. Template for Evaluating Options of Transfer Mechanisms
12. Generic Partner Vetting Checklist
13. Sample Contract for Private Sector Partners
14. Sample Complaint Mechanism Database and Protocols
15. Sample Post-transfer Monitoring Forms
16. Monthly Price Monitoring Form
17. Vendor Monitoring Form
18. Sample Format for Programme Evaluation
19. Sample Terms of Reference for a Cash Programme Evaluation in an Urban Area

Date: January 20th 2012

Author: Tiare Cross and Andrew Johnston (CaLP)

Language: english