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A review of cash transfer programming and the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) 2005–2015 and beyond

The core purpose of this review, commissioned by CaLP, is to evaluate CaLP’s progress since inception and examine the status and continued needs of cash programming in emergencies.

Cash transfer programming (CTP) represents a significant shift in the way humanitarian aid can be delivered. For a range of key humanitarian stakeholders it represents the future of humanitarian aid. CTP has broad acceptance as an important cross-sectoral modality and is gradually being implemented more widely. However, it is not yet routinely considered across the humanitarian sector as a range of obstacles to broad acceptance and implementation still exist. 

This report will enable the CaLP Steering Committee to make decisions on the appropriate role and shape of CaLP in the future. It is also envisioned that the review will provide a platform for discussion for agencies and donors through the examination of the status of CTP, along with barriers to implementation, and investments needed.

Date: June 23rd 2014

Author: Josephine Hutton, Shawn Boeser and Floor Grootenhuis

Language: english