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Protection Outcomes in Cash based Interventions: A literature review

This literature review examines existing research to determine whether the use of cash and vouchers is contributing to the promotion of protection and gender outcomes for beneficiary communities, following the WFP and UNHCR 2013 study on gender, protection and cash.

This literature review focuses on these four topics:

  1. How do programmes using cash or voucher transfers articulate protection and gender objectives, and to what extent cash and voucher transfers were able to achieve them?
  2. What are the potential protection or gender impacts unique to cash and voucher transfers (as opposed to in-kind assistance) for persons with specific needs (PSN)?
  3. What are the potential protection or gender impacts of cash and vouchers when combined with other programming, such as financial literacy, livelihoods, and community services?
  4. How can cash or vouchers contribute to greater resilience, especially with the challenges of displacement?

Date: April 8th 2015

Author: Michelle Berg (Independent Consultant) and Louisa Seferis (Danish Refugee Council)

Language: english