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Appropriateness and impact of cash grants distribution in Eastern Ukraine

This programmignn note assesses the appropriateness and impact of cash grants distribution in Eastern Ukraine.

Key findings:

  • Distribution of cash grants of US$250--‐US$900 via bank transfer allowed beneficiaries to purchase or pay for a wide variety of items or services, including food, medication or medical expenses, rent/utilities, and clothing, and in doing so prioritize their household’s greatest needs. The majority of beneficiary households made purchases from three or more vendors.
  • While beneficiaries rarely had problems accessing or utilizing cash transfers, the extensive documentation requirements necessary to make a transfer in accordance with Ukrainian law governing charitable giving meant that most beneficiaries received their cash grants no sooner than three weeks after they registered for support.
  • Approximately 3 in 5 households receiving cash grants of US$300 were able to meet their essential needs during the three--‐month period following cash grant distribution.

Date: July 7th 2016

Author: Catholic Relief Services/Caritas Ukraine - Monitoring & Evaluation Department

Language: english