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Global Framework for Action

This framework provides a consolidated summary of the major commitments and recommendations made to improve cash transfer programming in humanitarian response during 2015 and 2016. It aggregates the core content of: the Grand Bargain, ECHO’s 10 Principles, the High Level Panel report, the Strategic Note on Cash Transfers and the Agenda for Cash.  

It is neutral across high level policy questions about approaches to cash transfer programming. The framework is designed to enable a consistent approach to implementing commitments and monitoring progress. As such, it provides a collective road map for increasing the scale and quality of cash transfer programming. CaLP will use it to inform our strategy and State of the World’s Cash Report.

Links to the six Grand Bargain commitments are highlighted in italics, reflecting its status as a formal negotiated commitment by governments and operational agencies. Where necessary, these commitments have been disaggregated to facilitate the overall approach.

Date: January 10th 2017

Author: The Cash Learning Partnership