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Guidance to partners funded by ECHO to deliver medium to large-scale cash transfers in the framework of 2017 HIPs and ESOP

The use of multi-purpose cash transfers as a central component of humanitarian assistance is becoming increasingly important, in particular in the context of protracted crises in middle-income countries. Whilst an instrument such as the ESSN (Emergency Social Safety Net) in Turkey certainly represents an exceptional case, the scaling-up of cash is slowly becoming a reality in many other contexts, and will require a strong conceptual as well as contractual framework.

Hence, the European Commission/ ECHO has developed detailed guidance for its partners who will propose multi-purpose cash operations for funding from ECHO. The guidance will apply principally in cases where ECHO is providing medium or large scale funding to deliver cash transfers in a given country or for a given crisis and where cash transfers make up a significant part of the overall response. It applies principally to stable, protracted crises.

Date: March 8th 2017

Author: ECHO

Language: english