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Social cash transfers, generational relations and youth poverty trajectories in rural Lesotho and Malawi

Ansell N, van Blerk L, Robson E, Hajdu F, Mwathunga E, Hlabana T and Hemsteede R

The Livelihood Impacts of Cash Transfers in Sub-Saharan Africa: Beneficiary Perspectives from Six Countries

Eleanor Fisher, Ramlatu Attah, Valentina Barca, Clare O'Brien, Simon Brook, Jeremy Holland, Andrew Kardan, Sara Panavello and Pamela Pozarny

Myth-busting? Confronting Six Common Perceptions about Unconditional Cash Transfers as a Poverty Reduction Strategy in Africa

Sudhanshu Handa, Silvio Daidone, Amber Peterman, Benjamin Davis, Audrey Pereira, Tia Palermo, and Jennifer Yablonski on behalf of the Transfer Project

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