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December 2014

Main Articles:

1) Mercy Corps Compares E-Transfers and Cash in the DRC, Plus a New Implementation Guide by Sara Murray

2) New Training Dates Announced in West Africa



September 2014

 Main Articles:

1) Cash Transfers: Progress Made but Challenges Remain by Elizabeth Blunt

2) Linking Emergency Cash Transfer with National Social Transfer Schemes: Challenges and Opportunities for Humanitiarians by Yoann Tuzzolino


 June 2014

 Main Articles:

1) A Review of Cash Transfer Programming and the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) 2005 - 2015 and Beyond

2) Highlights from CaLP's Discussion Groups

3) CaLP Wash and Shelter Scoping Study


May 2014

 Main Articles:

1) Beneficiaries' Perspective on Digital Registration: Last Mile Mobile Solutions Study

2) Mobile Phone Network in a Backpack



April 2014

Main Articles:

1) Engaging with critical markets in pre-crisis contexts




March 2014

Main Articles:

1) Is Cash Transfer Programming 'Fit for the Future?'

2) Cross-Sector Cash Assistance for Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in Lebanon: An IRC Programme



February 2014

Main Articles:

1) Cash Transfer Programming Coordination in the Typhoon Haiyan Response




January 2014

Main Articles:

1) New Research into E-Transfers Published by the Cash Learning Partnership







October 2011


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