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WHS Special Edition


CaLP Global Learning and Membership Launch Event Special Edition

Includes summaries of CaLP strategy, articulated around four outcomes corresponding to its key areas of activities: Capacity Building, Research, Evidence & Learning, Collaboration, Facilitation & Partnerships and Advocacy & Influencing. 



Main Articles: 

1) 100 days of cash 96 days to go!: CaLP calls to include the voices of beneficiaries in the build up for the World Humanitarian Summit

2) Responding to Diverse Needs: Multipurpose Cash Grants by Joanna Friedman and Lou Perrin 

3) The Use of Cash Transfer for Livelihoods: Considerations and Lessons Learned

4) Urban Cash Transfer Programming and Livelihoods E- learning


December 2015

Main Articles:

1) New CaLP Case Study: Voices and Views of Beneficiaries on unconditional Cash Transfers

2) Bigger, better and faster by Yoann Tuzzolino

3) KACHE project: From field testing in Mali to scaling up in ACF operations by Maria Jimena Peroni Galli  


 September 2015

Main Articles:

1) What has the ELAN been up to? by Lily Frey

2)  The role of Cash Working Group Coordinator by Eun Jung Yi

3) Scaling up Cash-Based Assistance with ECHO:  Common Principles for Multi Purpose Cash- Based Assistance by Mathew Keyes and Alexandre Castellano.


June 2015

Main Articles:

1) Cash Coordination in the Philippines

2) UNICEF's Alternative Responses for Communities in Crisis (ARCC) Programme by Gabriele Erba

3) Cash Transfer and Community Resilience Programming in South Central Somalia by Perrine Piton

4) Paper Plus Cash Voucher Programming in Camps in Jordan by Roger Dean 

March 2015

Main Articles:

1) Electronifying and Institutionalizing Cash Programming in the Americas by Scott DiPretoro

2) Cash for Work in Southern Lebanon - ACF Lebanon's Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis by Isainz de Rozas

3) Cash and IT: Keys to Infinite Possibilities by Amos Doornbos 



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