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Thematic areas

Developments in Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) cut across a number of diverse thematic areas. This section contains pages relating to some of these themes. These pages include:

  • An overview of the theme and why it is relevant to CTP
  • A summary of the progress needed across this theme to improve the scale and quality of CTP, as set out in the Global Framework for Action
  • Links to relevant resources, ongoing initiatives and news 

On an annual basis, CaLP focuses on a specific number of priority topics within these thematic areas, identified with its members. These priority topics cut across technical and policy work, and will be embedded in CaLP’s capacity building content and CaLP’s support to coordination as relevant. Specific resources relating to CaLP’s priority topics have been included in the relevant pages.

These pages are not intended to provide exhausted content on these thematic areas, but to point users to relevant issues and resources.