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Tracking Cash & Voucher Assistance

We have committed to strengthening the scale and quality of Cash and Voucher Assistance, but to measure our progress against this commitment, we must agree to a shared approach to collecting and analyzing data.

Why is this theme important?

It is essential that we effectively track our progress towards achieving our commitments to strengthen Cash and Voucher Assistance. Grand Bargain signatories committed to increase the use of Cash and Voucher Assistance, and to using common markers to measure these increases. Achieving systematic and standardized data collection requires collective action, as reflected in Global Objective #1 of the Global Framework for Action.  

Although the volume of Cash and Voucher Assistance is beginning to be more effectively tracked, technical and policy challenges remain. These include:

  • Defining what data to collect, and how
  • Ensuring commitment to and use of data categories and systems
  • Addressing shortcomings of existing reporting systems which have often not been designed to include or disaggregate cash, vouchers, and other modalities
  • Reaching common agreement on standard markers and categories for reporting to avoid incomplete and inconsistent data.

What should progress look like in this area?

Priority objectives in this area are:

Achieving these objectives requires that technical and policy issues are addressed, including:

  • Sector-wide agreements and corresponding action on which data should be collected as a minimum for global interagency reporting. This includes which data to disaggregate (e.g. cash and vouchers), and which costs to track (e.g. transfer values, support costs)
  • Greater understanding and consensus on the use of key terminology in reporting, based on the CaLP Glossary.

Ongoing initiatives and news

In 2017 CaLP established a Tracking Cash & Vouchers Working Group (previously called Measuring CTP Working Group). As of 2018 this is co-lead with DG ECHO, and contributes towards the Grand Bargain cash workstream. The group is a specialized platform for sector-wide discussion and collective action for CVA tracking and reporting. Membership includes NGOs, UN agencies, donors, and representatives of the interagency reporting systems.

Anyone interested in joining the working group and/or finding out more should contact Ruth McCormack at programmes@cashlearning.org

  • In June 2018 members of the working group and others participated in a workshop on this theme in Rome. The workshop report, including recommendations and roadmap, can be found here.

Tracking Cash and Vouchers in Practice: An Example from Response Level