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2015  Regional Learning Event in West Africa: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail"

In the Sahel region an increasing number of organizations are now implementing Cash Transfers in diverse sectors. The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) has hosted a Regional Learning event on CTP lessons learnt in West Africa in March 2013, but since then, a lot of new actors have developed innovative tools, daring programs, and ambitious initiatives, with important lessons learnt to capitalize on for the institutionalization of cash transfers.

Although the Community of Practice has been developing its experience and skills, it still faces several challenges.  The Ebola crisis highlighted the limits practitioners are confronted with when it comes to rapidly deploying teams to implement cash transfers beyond the food security sector, in a volatile context. With the need to enhance its capacity for timely crisis response the Community of Practice also faces the challenges of scaling up its activities, including working on a cross-sectoral basis and with institutions and state actors. Now that CTP is globally accepted, identifying and filling resource gaps constitutes a significant area of work that needs to be supported.

This event sought to reflect on what is  missing in order to ensure the timely design and implementation of CTP and the resources humanitarians in the region have to  implement CTP in a range of sectors, contexts and partnerships.

Please click here to access the report of the event.

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Regional Learning Event: "Getting Prepared for Cash Transfer Programming"





Establishing Inclusive Coordination Systems to be Ready for Cash Transfers










Preparing to Work with New Partners for Cash Transfers


Preparing for cash transfers: Carry out initial analysis


Institutionalising the method