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Regional Learning Events

Learning event- social protection in West Africa

 On April 19th and 20th, CaLP and the Regional Platform for Social Protection hosted a learning event exploring how humanitarian cash transfer programmes can work to support national social protection systems in the Sahel. We had representatives from the Sahel region and beyond, including Liberia, Niger, Mali, Chad, Senegal and Comoros. Click here for more informations about the event and to hear feedbacks from  the participants. Please find below the recommendations that were adopted following the event.

Learning Event Improving uptake of multisector CTP in West Africa-6th-7th of december 2017

CaLP and IRC have come together to contribute to enhancing learning and capacity in MEB definition and market assessments, by hosting a 2-day event in Dakar on 6-7 December 2017. The first day was led by CaLP and particularly by the participants of the BIEP (Building Individual Expertise Programme cohort, sharing a range of experiences from across the region in developing Minimum Expenditure Baskets (MEBs). The second day was led by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), dedicated to market analysis, as part of the “Improving the Uptake of Humanitarian Market Analysis” project, supported by USAID/OFDA.

 Cash Transfers in conflict-affected areas: lessons learned on cash coordination in West Africa-27th-29th of September 2017

This Learning event, co-organized by CaLP and OCHA gathered participants from Mali, Niger, Chad and Cameroun. The purpose of this workshop was to recognize the challenges of cash coordination in the region, understand their causes and find solutions by drawing lessons and good practices from different experiences.


Membership Event

On the 8th-9th of December 2016, CaLP West Africa held its first regional membership event, gathering all its members and partners. The 2 day event was the opportunity to assess all the strides made towards quality cash transfer programming.

The event was also the opportunity for CaLP to understand its member's priorities and how they articulate and fit with CaLp's global strategy. More than 50 organisations were present, including NGO's, UN, private sector and academia


Watch this video to learn more about the event!