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Strengthening Institutional Capacity in West Africa

Acknowledging that the scope and long-term quality of cash transfer programming (CTP) will depend on its institutionalization among a range of engaged organisations and receiving requests from the community of practice and new members, CaLP in West Africa has launched a institutionalization programe designed to help organizations diagnose their cash readiness challenges and design actionable plans for organizational change. 

This programe considers access to and use of the necessary tools, guidelines and processes for appropriate design and implementation of CTP  a key step to systematically strengthen humanitarian assistance, as well as the individual organisations. While there are some opportunities for sharing lessons about cash institutionalization, each organization’s process is unique, determined by its particular mandate, structure, processes, goals, and personnel.

In West Africa, CaLP is supported by USAID Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) to support 4 organizations in their cash institutionalization process. In collaboration with its members and partners, CaLP has prioritized local actors to roll out the SIC program in the region.

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Deadline to send in applications for the SIC program is 07/03/2016. APPLY NOW!


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Abdoulaye Diallo 

CaLP West Africa Institutionalization Capacity Building Officer