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In recent years, cash programming has emerged as one of the most significant innovations in humanitarian response. Major donors and agencies have made public commitments to increase its use, for instance through the Grand Bargain. Now, work is under way to build the sector-wide capacity to turn those commitments into action.  

The Global Cash Forum will address substantial collective issues to enable the sector to realise recent commitments made to cash programming, as laid out in CaLP’s Global Framework for Action. The Forum is being organised in collaboration with other initiatives, such as the Grand Bargain.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen their network of influential actors working on cash,
  • Learn about good practices they can apply in their work,
  • Gain deeper insights into key collective challenges and potential solutions, in order to drive the cash reform.

CaLP is delighted to announce that the keynote speech will be given by Androulla Kaminara, Director at ECHO, on ECHO’s vision for the future of cash programming in humanitarian response.

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The Forum will bring together the world's leading stakeholders working on cash transfer programming in humanitarian response, including governments, the UN, NGOs and the private sector.

Contact Rose Smith, CaLP Membership Officer at membership@cashlearning.org with any queries.


28th June 2017

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Varembé Conference Centre (CCV), Genève

9-11 Rue de Varembé, Genève

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