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Why do we need to think about the future of financial assistance?

Cash assistance is disrupting the humanitarian sector. The growing use of cash to meet
humanitarian needs is challenging traditional sector and mandate based models, and
bringing with it opportunities to work with new partners and tools.

With its links to other reforms in humanitarian assistance, such as the push for localisation, participatory
approaches, social protection and market based support, cash is being increasingly regarded as a catalyst
for positive transformation. CaLP is supporting a collaborative process to ensure this change is driven by
what crisis-affected people need and prefer, and that we can collectively take advantage of new opportunities
and partnerships in a way that maximises the impact of limited humanitarian resources.


Highlights from the Future of Cash panel at CaLP's Cash Week 2018


How should we approach this challenge?

To effectively prepare for the future, we need to look at all types of financial assistance
in humanitarian settings, including humanitarian cash and voucher assistance,
remittances, social protection payments and peer-to-peer giving and lending. We are
bringing together actors from across the humanitarian sector and beyond to
answer this critical question.

Through consultation and analysis, we aim to provide insights that will support the humanitarian
sector to:

→ Understand how future trends will provide opportunities to deliver better responses through new
instruments and partnerships;

→ Make the most effective use of scarce resources in addressing growing humanitarian need through an
evolution of roles and approaches and by addressing political hurdles;

→ Use the knowledge, experience and analysis of cash actors to ensure that broader humanitarian futures
thinking will lead to the best outcomes for crisis-affected people.

For the first stage of this work we are partnering with IARAN to develop four scenarios for the financial
assistance landscape in 2030.


Your role in this work

The validity and impact of this work depends on the input we get from our members,
the broader humanitarian community and beyond. For the first stage of this work we
are seeking your views and insights on the factors which will influence the future of
humanitarian action in general, and financial assistance in particular.

Please share your insights with us through this short survey

Please share widely with humanitarian and non-humanitarian contacts to ensure this represents a broad
range of expertise and experience.

You can also add to our preliminary review of key trends here.

As results from the survey, expert interviews and literature review are received we will share them here. 



Your feedback is very welcome. We will aim to respond to your comments as soon as we can.