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CaLP's head-quarters are based in the UK, hosted by Oxfam GB in Oxford. Our business support team is based here, providing the operational backbone to our global activities.

The UK is also the base for other members of the global team, including the director, fundraising and partnerships coordinator, communications and knowledge management team and technical coordinator.  CaLP's programmes are therefore globally coordinated from the UK, which provides a base from which global activities can be conducted.

To learn more about CaLP’s activities in the UK, please e-mail digitalcomms@cashlearning.org

Geneva Office

Through CaLP’s Geneva-based advocacy office, CaLP has a direct link to the international humanitarian coordination system. In Geneva, CaLP provides technical, coordination and policy support to CaLP members, the global clusters and the wider humanitarian community.

To learn more about CaLP’s activities in Geneva, please contact Stefan Bumbacher, CaLP Senior Technical Officer at sbumbacher@cashlearning.org