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Geneva based Cash Working Group

The Geneva based Cash Working Group was formed in 2014 and is currently co-lead by OCHA and CaLP. The objective of the working group is to provide an inclusive platform for linking global cash initiatives and actors more concretely with the broader humanitarian system and by extension with the expanding group of field-level cash stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, civil society organisations, private sector and development partners.

Specifically, the objectives of the Geneva based Cash Working Group are to:

  1. Focus on jointly improving information sharing on existing inter-cluster/agency humanitarian operational tools and processes involving Cash and Voucher Assistance, taking advantage of its Geneva base to actively engage global clusters, the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, NGOs, donors, UN agencies, relevant global networks and non-traditional actors;
  2. Map existing cash coordination mechanisms (regional, national, sub-national), their functions, strengths, needs, and their standing in relation to the formal humanitarian coordination system, national authorities, local NGOs/CSOs and other relevant actors.
  3. Share widely the outputs of objectives 1 and 2 and utilize as a jump-off point for the group to identify areas for collaboration and synergies that would enhance inter-cluster/agency operations in relation to Cash and Voucher Assistance.

For more information about the Geneva based Cash Working Group, and to be added to the mailing list, please contact CaLP’s Geneva-based office at stholstrup@cashlearning.org